I am strongly committed to my role as an educator. In my time at Ohio State, I independently taught eight course sections with much success—students consistently rate me as an excellent instructor with an average rating of 4.49 out of 5. I have experience teaching with an in-person, online, or hybrid course structure and feel comfortable teaching in any needed format.

Below I list the courses I’ve taught and their medium of delivery. I also provide courses I am prepared to teach and non-academic courses pertinent to my skills as an instructor. Student evaluations (quantitative and qualitative) are available upon request.

Previously-taught undergraduate courses

Instructor of record

Persuasive communication (7 sections: in-person, online, and hybrid)

Industry Research Methods (in-person)

Laboratory instructor

Industry Research Methods (in-person)

Teaching assistant

Introduction to Communication Technology (online)

Mass Communication and Society (in-person)

History of Communication (online)

Introduction to Interpersonal Communication (in-person)

Introduction to Organizational Communication (in-person)

Career Development in Communication (online)

Courses prepared to teach

Introductory courses covering mass media, e.g., history, theory

Research methods

Persuasive communication

Public speaking

Writing and communication

Political Communication

Entertainment media theories

Non-academic courses

In addition to teaching academic courses, I also teach improvisational comedy courses. Teaching improv uses similar skillsets as teaching academic courses with the added challenge of ensuring a comfortable space for creative exploration.

Introduction to Longform Improv, instructor